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Clear Bracket Braces

Ceramic Orthodontic Braces

Dental issues such as misalignment, malocclusion, and gaps between the teeth can cause problems with chewing, as well as self-esteem issues. Some adolescents and adults might want to straighten their teeth but may not want to get metal braces since they are noticeable. One alternative to metal braces is ceramic braces, also called clear bracket braces. What are ceramic braces?

They are a type of braces that are made of ceramic to match the color of your own teeth. During the initial consultation, Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke help patients understand ceramic orthodontic braces and whether these will be your best option for a beautiful smile transformation.

What are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces work similarly to metal braces. However, they use brackets that are either tooth-colored or clear to make them less noticeable. The clear bracket braces are applied to the front surface of the teeth and the teeth are then moved by archwires connected to each brace. Self-ligating braces systems forgo the elastic tie around each brace and instead use a door mechanism to secure the wire in place. White archwires can be used to blend in with the brackets.

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Damon Braces vs. Traditional Braces

A door mechanism that allows passive sliding of the archwire is used with the self-ligating braces systems (such as Damon clear) to reduce binding so teeth can move more freely. This helps the orthodontist to move teeth at an even, gentle, and continuous pace and results in fewer needed adjustment appointments for patients. It also makes for more comfortable and efficient adjustment appointments.

Damon Clear braces are available from the doctors at Burke & Redford Orthodontists. Nearly invisible, these braces help to move teeth quickly while also being unnoticeable.

Ceramic Braces Reviews

Ceramic braces are a popular alternative to metal braces. While most commonly used in older teens and adults, ceramic braces can be used at any age. Time in clear bracket braces and expected results are identical to metal braces; the only difference is the cosmetic appearance of teeth while in treatment. They are ideal for those that want a more discreet braces option!

Patients report that ceramic braces are just as comfortable as metal braces. They blend in with patients’ teeth and are strong. For moderate to severe orthodontic cases where clear aligner systems (Invisalign) may have limitations, ceramic braces offer a great esthetic solution.

Ceramic braces reviews for Burke & Redford Orthodontists can be found on our Yelp, Facebook, and Google business pages. These reviews show that patients are extremely happy with the results they have obtained, as well as the care received by each doctor and staff at our office.

Some patients are apprehensive that ceramic braces will stain during treatment. Self-ligating ceramic braces do not require an elastic tie around each tooth. It is this elastic tie that stains with traditional braces. Therefore, patients with self-ligating clear braces can rest easy that their braces will be resistant to staining as treatment progresses.

Ceramic Brackets in Orthodontics

Using ceramic brackets with clear brackets in orthodontics can be a great alternative to metal braces and can in many cases be more precise straightening teeth as compared to clear aligner (Invisalign) systems.

To keep teeth looking fresh, bright, and clean during treatment, patients can do the following:

  • Brush and floss after eating or drinking to rid the teeth of food debris
  • Keep a consistent recall schedule with their general dentist for regular cleanings
  • Avoid smoking and vaping
  • Avoid certain beverages and foods such as chewy, sticky, hard candies and sodas
  • Avoid using teeth whiteners until after braces are removed because they can cause the exposed surfaces to turn whiter than the enamel under the brackets; and
  • Keep all orthodontic appointments to have fresh wires placed and adjusted.

By following good oral hygiene practices, patients can keep their ceramic braces in good condition and avoid staining. People should make certain that they brush and floss after every meal, including after eating snacks in between meals. Carrying travel toothbrushes and floss with them to work or school for use while they are away from home is also helpful.

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One of Our Amazing Patients with a Gorgeous Smile Transformation!
Clear Ceramic Braces vs. Colored Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces can be clear or white to match the color of the teeth. Whether people choose clear or white, the braces can be paired with archwires that also blend in seamlessly.

Clear bracket braces are good choices for adults and older adolescents who are self-conscious about wearing braces. They correct malocclusions and bite problems precisely and efficiently, allowing patients to achieve their desired results with predictability.

What Do Ceramic Braces Cost?

The ceramic braces cost is typically a little bit more than metal braces, but the difference is usually quite small. For many people, the advantages far outweigh the cost difference. Many patients prefer them because of their increased comfort, precision, and ability to blend into the surrounding teeth.

Patients can call the office of Burke & Redford Orthodontists at (951) 699-8011 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with the Best Temecula Orthodontist Practice and our second office in Lake Elsinore to discuss your Clear Bracket Braces options. We also have a form available on our website that can be completed to request an appointment.

During your consultation, we examine your teeth and talk with you about the different options and provide you with a treatment plan and total monetary investment for treatment. Contact us today and learn more about how the doctors can bring you and your family members a healthy smile for life.

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