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Retainers and Sports Mouthguards

Teeth Straightening

Your Best Teeth Straightening Options A common misconception we experience at Burke & Redford Orthodontists is the belief that teeth straightening is only for teens and tweens. Our effort to…

Accelerated Orthodontics

Getting Your Braces Off Faster People with braces want to enjoy the benefits of their improved smile as soon as possible. Virtually no one wants to wear braces longer than…

Herbst Appliance

Guiding Lower Jaw Growth Braces and Invisalign are not the only ways that orthodontists improve the smiles of their patients. Several different orthodontic appliances are used to help correct various…

Lower Lingual Holding Arch and Nance Arch

Maintaining Space in the Dental Arch Although braces and Invisalign are two of the most well-known orthodontic appliances, they are far from the only ones used to treat patients. A…

Types of Teeth Retainers

Maintenance After Braces Come Off A patient’s orthodontic journey isn’t finished once braces come off. This simply concludes the active treatment stage. Now comes the maintenance phase, which includes wearing…

Interceptive Orthodontics

Early Orthodontic Treatment Shapes a Healthy Smile An orthodontist does much more than straighten teeth. The primary focus of many orthodontic treatments, especially for younger children, is fixing malocclusions (bad…

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