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Damon Braces System

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What is the Damon Braces System?

The Damon Braces System is a relatively new technology in the world of orthodontics that is constantly improving and is a great tool in the hands of an experienced orthodontist.

In comparison to traditional braces, Damon braces have some unique design characteristics:

  • Damon braces are self-ligating braces and are available in two versions at Burke & Redford Orthodontists: metal brackets and clear brackets. Self-ligation refers to a specialized design that allows that allows for easy and comfortable adjustment of the braces. This also means less time in the doctor’s chair for the patient.
  • Traditional braces use elastic ties around each brace to hold the wire securely in place, while Damon braces feature tiny doors built into each bracket themselves to accomplish this. With traditional braces, a patient must frequently return to the orthodontist to have their elastic ties replaced as the ties break down over time. The self-ligating design eliminates that need. This translates to fewer overall appointments for adjustments.

top damon braces orthodontistWhile both self-ligating and traditional braces work to accomplish the same goal of straightening teeth and improving the bite, Damon braces do so in a way that is more advantageous to the patient.

Learn more about the Damon Braces System by contacting Burke & Redford Orthodontists at (951) 699-8011.  One-on-one consultations with Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke are offered to potential patients free of charge.

Benefits of the Damon Braces System

There is no doubt that self-ligating braces have a clear advantage over regular braces in many aspects that are important to the patient.

  • Fewer appointments: Contrary to traditional braces that require frequent adjustment, self-ligating braces don’t require elastic ties that degrade and need replacement. Self-ligating brackets, in combination with the innovative wires used, put constant gentle pressure on the teeth over extended periods of time. For this reason, appointments are only needed every 8 weeks or longer, as opposed to the traditional 4-to-6-week schedule in a traditional orthodontic setting. For patients with busy schedules, this is an attractive benefit.
  • Quicker and easier adjustment appointments: Having self-ligating braces adjusted is comfortable and efficient. Gone are the days of “tightening” the braces during the periodic adjustment appointments. Instead, the doors on each of the braces are opened, a new wire is gently placed, and the doors are closed.
  • Small, sleek design: For some, the appearance of braces is less than ideal. Fortunately, Damon braces are small and can look practically invisible, especially if clear brackets are chosen instead of metal ones.
  • Easy to clean: Because elastic ties are not required, keeping the braces clean is quite a bit easier to accomplish than with traditional braces. In turn, there is less plaque buildup that could compromise the oral health of the patient.

Many of these benefits are enough to convince a patient that self-ligation may be ideal for them. There really are no downsides and although elastic ties are not required with this system, they are available for patients that want to decorate their braces with fun colors.

Because the advantages of self-ligating braces are so significant, they are the system of choice for patients at Burke & Redford Orthodontists in Temecula and Lake Elsinore, California.

What Can Damon Braces Do for You?

As technologically advanced as the Damon Braces System is today, it is simply a tool in the hands of the treating orthodontist and orthodontic staff. In other words, the results accomplished with this system are only as good as the doctors operating the system. Proper diagnosis and treatment planning prior to starting treatment is essential and the results obtained during treatment will not be the same at other practices, even if the same type of braces are used. Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke are both board certified orthodontists and have over 30 years of combined experience treating patients in the Temecula valley. They are adept at helping patients correct any of the following oral issues:

Damon Braces SystemDamon Braces Orthodontic Kids AdultsMalocclusions

Malocclusions can include overbites, underbites, crossbites, deep bites, open bites, and other variations.  Protruding or mismatched teeth or jaw sizes are also included in this definition. This condition can adversely affect appearance, confidence, speech, chewing function, and oral health.

Self-ligating braces can be an ideal option to fix crooked teeth, deal with overcrowding, and correct any type or combination of bite problems, including overbite correction.

Jaw Misalignment

Jaws that are misaligned usually result in a bite mismatch if the teeth haven’t compensated to account for the poor jaw position. When upper and lower jaws are not lined up properly, chewing, appearance, and talking may be negatively impacted. This can make quality of life difficult for a patient with these conditions.

Whatever the cause of jaw misalignment, self-ligating braces are used by orthodontists to make the bite more functional and attractive.

Oral Health

Crooked and crowded teeth can be a breeding ground for oral bacteria and compromise overall oral health. Not only can uneven teeth be unsightly, but tooth decay, gum disease, and wearing down of tooth enamel often results from poor tooth position.

Orthodontic treatment can address these issues and prevent further damage that may be caused if the problem is not corrected sooner rather than later.

When Should Damon Braces be Considered?

Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke highly recommend children be brought in for an initial orthodontic consultation around the age of 7 years old, or just after the first adult molars erupt into the mouth.

Our doctors will examine the teeth, bite, and jaw relationships to determine if any dental interventions may be needed now or in the future. If a problem is found, childhood is usually the best time to correct it since the jaws are still in the developing stage and can be influenced by orthodontic treatment. Ideal treatment timing in relation to growth and development can make all the difference between excellent and fair or poor results.

For younger kids, we start as conservatively as possible and only intervene if it will prevent future problems or improve the long-term result. If treatment is advised for younger children, it is usually in the form of an easy to tolerate orthodontic appliance. Full braces usually don’t begin until most or all permanent teeth are present in the mouth at approximately 11 or 12 years old. Every child presents differently, however, and each treatment plan is customized to the specific problems being addressed.

This early evaluation is an important step in the oral health and development of your child that should not be overlooked. Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke will help determine and explain the best orthodontic treatment option with you and your child at the initial, free consultation.

Who Gets Damon Braces?

Temecula OrthodontistMany people require braces. In fact, in any given year, over 4 million people are wearing braces in the United States. According to the American Dental Association, of all the people wearing braces, 70% are females that are 15 years old and younger.

This statistic suggests that while a great deal of people need braces for oral health conditions, many people tend to seek out orthodontic treatment purely for a boost in confidence and aesthetics. There is nothing wrong with wanting teeth worth smiling about. The statistic also reveals that there is a large subset of the population, namely males and adults, who may have thought about orthodontic treatment but have not yet undertaken it. Damon braces can be useful in bringing about a rewarding result for a diverse set of patients.

To see if the Damon Braces System is right for you, give Burke & Redford Orthodontists a call at (951) 699-8011 to Schedule a Free Consultation.  Our doctors and staff look forward to seeing you at our offices in either Temecula or Lake Elsinore.

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