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What to Expect at an Orthodontic Consultation

The Simple Steps to Getting Braces Explained

What is an Orthodontic Consultation?

An initial consultation is an essential step everyone should go through before they receive any kind of orthodontic treatment. This appointment serves as a means for the patient (or parent) to communicate their orthodontic concerns and reasoning for seeking orthodontic care. The orthodontist can then present treatment options, discuss advantages and disadvantages of each option, and give advice about which plan will give the best result in the most comfortable and efficient manner.

The treatment plan is always decided upon jointly by the patient (or their parent/guardian) and one of our experienced doctors at Burke & Redford Orthodontists.

How Long Does the Appointment Take?

The free orthodontic consultation is between 30 and 60 minutes. This can fluctuate depending upon the complexity of each case and how many questions are asked during your consultation.

child orthodontic - children orthodontist - kids braces - child bracesIs Feeling Nervous About the Orthodontist Normal?

Although many people, especially children and teens, tend to view the first orthodontist appointment with a level of uncertainty, the actual consultation with the doctor has been found to alleviate much of that worry.

The patient will not only be able to ask questions about the things they were thinking about prior to the first visit—they will also get to know the doctor and friendly orthodontic staff during this time.

Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke are well trained, board-certified professionals in the field of orthodontics. It is their goal to make every patient feel comfortable and personally cared for during treatment, from the first appointment to the last.

It is helpful to think of this visit as taking the first step in achieving a straight, gorgeous smile.


In many cases, a general or pediatric dentist will refer a patient to our practice for a specific issue, such as crowding or an overbite. A dentist can spot issues during routine check-ups that require orthodontic expertise.

In other cases, the patient or their parent will make an appointment on their own if they recognize a potential problem with their child’s mouth or jaw. Many adults schedule a consultation for themselves, too. A referral from a dentist is not required to receive an orthodontic consultation, and we welcome all patients to contact our office directly if they have orthodontic concerns to discuss.

Many people seek a qualified orthodontic provider on Google, Yelp or even Facebook. This is where you can find hundreds of 5-star reviews for Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke.

Whether you are referred by a dentist or found us online, we welcome the opportunity to provide a consultation and our expert opinion about how to best improve your smile.

Initial Consultation

Aided by the help dental records (photos and x-rays), a medical history, and an evaluation of the patient’s teeth and surrounding structures, Dr. Redford or Dr. Burke will be able to utilize the consultation time to make a formal diagnosis and inform the patient (or parent) about the orthodontic issues that may or should be addressed.

One of our specialists will go over the different treatment options and discuss what to expect with each option so the best course of treatment can be mutually decided.

Any pressing questions regarding the diagnosis or any aspect of treatment will be addressed so each patient feels confident about the recommendation.

Treatment Plan

After a method of treatment has been decided upon, the doctor will design and lay out a plan and timeline for the patient’s specific case. These plans are unique to each individual, and we do not follow a cookie cutter approach to treatment.

Our doctors use this first time with a patient not only get to know them, but to make sure they are completely comfortable and at ease with the diagnosis and method of care being offered.

Financial Investment

The total financial investment, applicable insurance benefits, and payment plans will be discussed as well. Fees differ for each type of treatment.

In addition to the consultation being free of charge, Burke & Redford Orthodontists is proud offer patients the chance to take advantage of no interest monthly payment plans.

Our treatment coordinators are there to make treatment affordable and flexible for any budget.

Common Questions

Listed below are some of the most common questions we receive regarding orthodontic care. Instead of waiting until the appointment, you may find the answer below.

Are Consultations Free?

Potential patients will receive a free orthodontic consultation. At Burke & Redford Orthodontists, all first consultations with our board-certified orthodontists are completely free.

top orthodontist for children - kids braces - child bracesHow Long Will My Treatment Take?

The duration of treatment differs from case to case. Simpler cases are finished relatively quickly. Treatment will be longer for people who have significant orthodontic issues that need correction. The orthodontists will also discuss the role (if any) of the general dentist and other specialists during treatment.

Since each patient and their oral condition is different, it is impossible to give an exact timeframe without an examination of the patient’s presentation; however, the average length for standard cases is between one and two years. In some cases, this timetable might be shorter or longer. Dr. Redford or Dr. Burke will discuss this with you during the initial consultation.

How Much Does Orthodontic Treatment Cost?

Some people have dental insurance, and our treatment coordinator will present the total financial investment for treatment, including how much will be covered by your insurance, at the initial consultation.

Our office is also happy to help with questions relating to fees, insurance benefits, and payment plans. This is an investment in you or your child’s long-term health, and we go over all financing options clearly.

How Will My Daily Routine Change While in Treatment?

Once Dr. Redford or Dr. Burke has thoroughly evaluated your case during your free orthodontic consultation, he and the staff will go through the best oral care practices while wearing braces, Invisalign, or any of the other orthodontic devices that may be used.

For instance, wearing clear aligners (Invisalign also now known as Invis) can take some getting used to until it becomes part of one’s normal routine. Taking the aligners out while eating, making sure they are placed in a safe location (in their provided case) while outside of the mouth, and keeping them clean adds time and effort to a patient’s day. What may seem a bit cumbersome at first will quickly become habit and easy to comply with.

Fortunately, if patients brush after every meal, floss one to two times daily, wear elastics and/or aligners faithfully, and avoid hard or sticky foods (braces patients), treatment should proceed smoothly.

As mentioned previously, Burke & Redford Orthodontists is excited to offer our new patients their first consultation free of charge. If you would like to schedule an appointment, you many do so by requesting a consultation on our website or by calling (951) 699-8011. Ortho Temecula offices and Ortho Lake Elsinore offices are available for patients.

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