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Lingual Braces Pros and Cons

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Keeping Up Appearances in Orthodontics

More people than ever before are seeking out orthodontic treatment to achieve a beautiful, straight smile.

Given the large influx of new orthodontic patients in recent years, practices like Burke & Redford Orthodontists have had the goal of incorporating new, cutting-edge options that will work for every case that comes into their private practice.

In today’s culture, appearance plays a significant role in the overall confidence of people, whether they are self-conscious teens or busy business professionals.

Because of this, options that help to maintain an inconspicuous appearance are attractive.

lingual braces pros and consWhat are Lingual Braces?

Naturally, new patients commonly request an braces that will allow them to achieve a beautiful smile without the appearance of wearing an apparatus. Many people may initially gravitate toward lingual braces with this desire in mind.

These appliances work similarly to traditional braces. However, they adhere to the backside (or tongue side) of the teeth.

While this may seem ideal at first, it is important to understand that lingual braces have both upsides and downsides.

Being aware of additional choices that might be better suited to the patient’s case is also a good step in the right direction before making a firm decision on one type of appliance.

Pros and Cons of Lingual Braces


The most obvious advantage to lingual braces is the fact that they offer an “invisible braces” look.

They are placed lingually within the mouth on the inside or “tongue side” of the teeth.

Although these appliances work quite similarly to braces that are on the cheek/lip side of the teeth, the aspect of them being concealed is initially appealing.

lingual bracesCons

Every product has drawbacks, and some would argue that the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to lingually placed appliances.

Highlighted below are the cons that often come with lingual braces:

  • Higher cost

Because of higher lab fees for fabrication and extra time needed for placement and adjustment, these appliances tend to be substantially more costly than other braces that are inconspicuous, too. The fees for lingual braces, depending upon various patient-related factors, may significantly more than other braces systems.


The overall out of pocket cost will largely depend upon the complexity of a patient’s case, whether insurance benefits are available, and the duration of treatment.


  • More discomfort

Because lingually placed brackets are facing the tongue, this can cause significant discomfort to this area of the mouth. Many people have trouble getting used to the feeling of their tongue constantly brushing up against the brackets. This part of the mouth tends to be more sensitive than the lips and cheeks.


  • Temporary speech impediment

One negative aspect of this type of braces is that it gives you a temporary lisp. During speech, the tongue contacts the back surface of the teeth to formulate specific sounds.


However, when brackets are present there, they can interfere with normal speech sounds, thereby creating a lisp.


Some studies have stated lingual braces may inhibit speech for more than a month after application. Patients wearing them usually recover their normal ability to speak after a month or so, but there is a longer acclimation period than with braces placed on the outside of the teeth.


  • Longer treatment time

Given the unique location of the them and the range of adjustments that may need to be made along the way to successfully move teeth, treatment time usually takes longer than with traditional braces. Adjustment appointments are more time consuming as well.


What Alternative Options are Available?

Luckily, for anyone who prefers a concealed, unobtrusive look while in treatment without the cons of the lingual braces, there are some fantastic alternatives that Burke & Redford Orthodontists is proud to offer.

The following teeth straightening braces and Invisalign are currently available to all our incoming patients:

  • Invisalign

invisalign clear alignersWhen it comes to clear appliances to straighten teeth, the top contender worldwide is none other than Invisalign. These are removable, clear aligners that may be removed for brushing, flossing, or eating.

Nearly invisible to the eyes, easy to use, and causing minimal discomfort, Invisalign continues to be one of the most popular options among patients looking for a more unnoticeable appearance during orthodontic treatment.

It is important to remember that a proper diagnosis and treatment plan is essential to getting a good result with clear aligner systems. In other words, results are directly related to the orthodontist who manages the case. The clear aligners used are just a tool at the disposal of the treating doctor. Choose your provider carefully! It will make a difference.

  • Damon braces

Recent technological advancements in the world of orthodontics is the Damon braces system.

These brackets are small and nearly indistinguishable. They can come as a clear braces system and do not require the use of any colored elastics for tightening purposes. This appliance utilizes a unique mechanism known as self-ligation.

Innovative memory archwires are used that work to continually place light pressure as the teeth gradually move. This gentle pressure on the teeth guides their movement into the final intended position.

  • Clear ceramic braces

Our ceramic options offer the self-ligation system that many of our patients love. Ceramic applications work virtually the same as metal braces, except the braces are either clear or tooth colored. The wires used with clear ceramic self-ligating braces are also coated with a white material for esthetics.

The color of these materials allows them to blend in seamlessly with the mouth and teeth.

Any questions regarding these options may be addressed during appointments or directed to our professional office staff. Do not hesitate to give us a call at (951) 699-8011.

How Do I Know What Braces are Right for Me?

Given the many options available, it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the best one for the specific needs or wants one may have.

Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke understand the stressful undertaking it can be to choose the best option for them when it comes to orthodontic treatment.

Because of this, our board-certified orthodontists are dedicated to alleviating any concerns during your initial, free consultation.

At the consultation, our doctors will expertly examine the patient’s situation, gather information from the about their desires, and mutually determine the best method of treatment for the case.

Burke & Redford Orthodontists have incredible staff who are ready and willing to assist you with all your questions. Please call our offices at (951) 699-8011 during normal business hours.

We also pride ourselves on offering patients competitive, affordable prices and zero-interest financing options. Office locations are in Temecula and Lake Elsinore.

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