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Orthodontic Appliances

Burke & Redford Orthodontists Advanced Appliance Approach

Ever wondered about devices other than braces that are used in orthodontics? At Burke & Redford Orthodontists, it’s not just about straightening teeth, but making sure the whole mouth is happy and healthy. Think of it like a puzzle; every piece (or tooth) has its place. With tools like braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic devices, they make sure every piece fits just right.

Burke & Redford Orthodontists has locations in both Temecula and Lake Elsinore, where patients experience excellent orthodontic care. With three decades of impeccable service in Southern California, the practice offers more than just braces and Invisalign.

This article explores how orthodontic appliances work in conjunction with braces or Invisalign treatment for patients who can benefit from them to achieve a better overall result.

Palatal Expanders

  • In Conjunction with Braces: Sometimes used before the installation of braces, these devices correct back tooth crossbites and make room in the upper jaw, allowing for an improved outcome.
  • Benefits: Treatment with expanders can correct bites in ways that braces alone cannot and help to avoid extraction of permanent teeth in crowded cases.

By gradually expanding the upper jaw, palatal expanders make room for a more harmonious tooth and bite alignment.

palatal expander
Palatal Expander

Advanced Orthodontic Treatment Options: With 30 years of combined experience, Dr. Ryan Redford and Dr. Michael Burke have honed these techniques to ensure maximum comfort and efficacy for their patients.

Retainers (Hawley, Essix, and Permanent)

  • Post-Treatment: After the removal of braces or completion of an Invisalign regimen, retainers help ensure that teeth remain in their new position.
  • Benefits: Using retainers ensures the long-term stability of both braces and Invisalign treatments.

Ensuring Longevity: Retainers are essential in maintaining that newly achieved perfect alignment post-braces.

Several Choices: Whether it’s a permanent fixture, a clear Essix, or the classic Hawley, Burke & Redford Orthodontists offer tailored options to meet each individual patient’s needs.

Patient Education: Patients receive the proper education on how to wear, eat and care for their retainers.

hawyley retainer - burke and redford orthodontists
Hawley Retainer


  • Complementary to Braces: Often used in tandem with expanders, headgear helps address significant bite problems.
  • Benefits: When used at the right time (in developing children when young), they contribute to achieving a balanced development of the face and jaws.

Tailored Solutions: Orthodontic headgear offers a solution for patients needing significant bite correction.

Experienced Hands: Given the complexity of headgear, trust in Burke & Redford Orthodontists 30 years of expertise, which ensures safe and effective treatment.

Face Centered Approach: Beyond just bite correction, their headgear treatments aim at improving facial aesthetics and jaw function.

Herbst Appliance

  • Pre-Braces Treatment: Primarily used before or at the beginning of braces treatment, the Herbst appliance helps correct large overbite discrepancies.
  • Benefits: The Herbst can correct large overbites as an alternative to elastics which rely on excellent patient compliance.

Harmonizing Jaws: Ideal for correcting overbites and improving retrusive lower jaw lines.

Dedicated Follow-up: This private orthodontic practice ensures regular check-ups and appliance adjustments for optimal results.

Comfort Meets Efficiency: Their vast experience helps the Herbst appliance process to be as comfortable as possible and highly effective.

Herbst Appliance to Treat Overbites
Herbst Appliance to Treat Overbites and Bad Bites

Carriere Distalizer Appliance

  • In Conjunction with Braces or Invisalign: The Carriere Distalizer is often used alongside braces or Invisalign to improve the bite.
  • Benefits: With good patient cooperation, this relatively small device can make dramatic improvements to excess horizontal overbites.

Bite Correction: An innovative solution to address misaligned bites especially when Invisalign is the preferred material for straightening the teeth.

Patient-Centered: Burke & Redford Orthodontists always focus on patient comfort, offering devices for optimal comfort.

Education: Patients and parents are educated on maintenance and care of the Carriere Distalizer appliance to achieve maximized treatment results.

Carriere Distalizer Orthodontic Appliance
Carriere Distalizer Orthodontic Appliance

Bite Plates

  • Bite Enhancers: Bite Plates are particularly beneficial at the beginning of a braces treatment, especially for deep overbites.
  • Benefits: They establish an ideal amount of vertical overlap between the front teeth and help prevent a patient from biting on their lower braces when they are still malaligned.

Guarding the Smile: Essential for patients with deep overbites, ensuring the front teeth and brackets are protected.

Custom to Each Patient: Each bite plate is tailored and small compared to bite plates of the past, thanks to the experienced doctors at Burke & Redford Orthodontists.

Comprehensive Care: Along with treatment, patients are educated on cleaning and maintaining their bite plates.

Lingual Arch

  • A Precursor to Braces: The lingual arch is used to preserve space in the lower jaw when baby teeth are still present.
  • Benefits: It helps prevent back teeth from shifting forward into undesired positions before braces treatment. A lingual arch can also help to limit excessive crowding which may lead to extraction of permanent teeth.

Space Managers: These are essential in maintaining space for erupting permanent teeth.

Invisible Care: Positioned behind the teeth, they are discreet and are essentially invisible when smiling.

Durability and Comfort: With their expertise, each lingual arch is designed for durability without compromising comfort.

Lower Lingual Holding Arch
Lower Lingual Holding Arch

Pendulum Appliance

  • Support for Braces: The Pendulum appliance is used to move upper molars backward, often before or during a braces regimen.
  • Benefits: Ensures molars are in a good position to allow for optimal alignment with braces. It can also create space to address overcrowding. Additionally, with an expander device built in, it can correct back tooth crossbites.

Back Tooth Bite Correction: An advanced solution for moving upper molars backward.

Precision Care: Given the complexity, Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke’s expertise ensures precise adjustments for optimal outcomes.

Personalized Treatment: Each appliance is tailored, and the experienced orthodontic assistants provide comprehensive guidance on care and maintenance.

Pendulum Appliance - Orthodontic
Pendulum Appliance

Nance Appliance

  • Before Braces: Used when there is a need to hold upper molars in their position as other teeth erupt.
  • Benefits: By stabilizing molars, helps to maintain upper space and aids in achieving an ideal bite.

Upper Arch Stabilization: Anchored using bands around the upper molars, it prevents them from moving forward.

Custom-made: Burke & Redford Orthodontists emphasis on individual care ensures each Nance appliance is fit to the patient’s unique dental structure.

Years of Excellence: Their 30 years in the field ensure patients receive the most efficient treatment using the Nance appliance.

Nance Appliance
Nance Appliance

If you’re seeking more than just braces, Burke & Redford Orthodontists offers several different appliances that complement comprehensive treatment. These devices aid in achieving an ideal result in the most conservative way possible. Call (951) 699-8011to Schedule a Free Orthodontic Consultation for your child or teenager today.

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