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Teeth Straightening

Your Best Teeth Straightening Options

A common misconception we experience at Burke & Redford Orthodontists is the belief that teeth straightening is only for teens and tweens. Our effort to educate current and future patients is what drives us to keep them informed of the latest dental technology and options for all adults, too.

Patients often ask about teeth straightening braces cost and details about the best teeth alignment braces solution. Depending upon the patient’s current oral condition and desired outcome, treatment options are different for everyone. Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke offer Invisalign, self-ligating braces (such as Damon braces), as well as ceramic braces and metal braces for teeth straightening at their offices in Temecula and Lake Elsinore.

What are the Consequences of Crooked Teeth?

Most people think crooked teeth are merely an aesthetic problem. While the appearance of crooked teeth can cause self-esteem issues, it is correlated with more serious health issues, such as:

  • Speech difficulties – Misaligned teeth can interfere with sound articulation, thereby causing speech issues.
  • Chewing and digestion – Crooked teeth can prevent proper chewing function, further influencing the digestive system.
  • Excess wear – When upper and lower teeth don’t meet properly, they are at increased risk for uneven or excessive wear. In some cases, this can lead to cracked teeth requiring repair.
  • Periodontal disease – Crooked teeth make it hard for patients to brush and floss properly. Tooth decay and gum disease are two of the most common consequences of improper dental hygiene related to crooked teeth. Straight teeth are much easier to maintain.

What are the Benefits of Teeth Straightening?

Everyone dreams of the perfect smile. The benefits of achieving a great orthodontic result include:

  • A more esthetic and attractive smile
  • Upper and lower teeth that function well together and as intended (a good “bite”)
  • Correction of bad or improper biting relationships, reducing the risk for unwanted tooth wear or damage
  • Tooth positions that facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance of good gum health
Do I Need Teeth Straightening?

lingual bracesAssessing the need for orthodontic work can sometimes seem as easy as looking in the mirror. However, a qualified orthodontist will take necessary x-rays and conduct a clinical examination to determine the underlying structure of the teeth, roots and jaw and let each patient know if braces or appliances are safe for their situation. Failure to properly diagnose and plan for even seemingly simple tooth movement can be risky and have adverse effects (including bad bite relationships, damaged teeth, bone loss around teeth, or even loss of teeth).

Burke & Redford Orthodontists have two of the most well-known orthodontic specialists in Southern California—Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke. Patients have given them over 400+ 5-star reviews because of their quality treatment, results and professionalism.

Interested in getting a free consultation from the best orthodontist in Temecula and Lake Elsinore? Fill out the Schedule a Free Consultation form online 24/7 and our friendly staff will get back to you and book a time that works with your schedule.

Are there Easy Braces for Teeth?

Parents and teenagers often have a fear of going to an orthodontist due to outdated beliefs of what the experience may be like. Many of the old-fashioned teeth straightening methods are a thing of the past.

Here are the newest options in orthodontic care:

  • Clear braces
  • Self-ligating braces (such as Damon braces)
  • Invisalign braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Lingual braces

Choosing the Best Clear Braces Teeth Straightening Method

The doctors will go over the right type of system and options to choose from during your initial, free consultation. Some patients might opt for Invisalign, which uses virtually invisible, clear aligners. Others might choose a different esthetic option – ceramic braces, Damon clear braces, or lingual braces. For those that prefer the look of metal braces, the latest technology in metal braces is available. If a patient wishes, different colored ties can be used for decorating the braces.

The doctors offer clear braces teeth straightening methods with payment plans that have zero interest. This is a benefit many use at our practice, so they or their child can enjoy a healthier smile that matches their budget. Our office staff help with all insurance paperwork and one-on-one guidance to make treatment as affordable as possible.

Teeth Straightening Process

Adults, teens and young children love going to our offices because of the relaxing environment and professional staff. It makes getting braces fun, rather than something to dread. Patients are often surprised at how quickly they see their smile improve and how efficiently treatment is completed.

Invisalign for Teenagers TemeculaDuring the treatment period, periodic visits (typically every eight weeks) to the orthodontist are needed, depending on the type of braces or Invisalign they are wearing. Clear, ceramic or metal braces need periodic adjustments. Invisalign also requires monitoring and adjustment to make sure teeth are “tracking” as desired.

During the treatment period, special care and attention to oral hygiene is important. Wearing any type of brace, aligner, or appliance involves special care to keep the teeth and gums clean. Good hygiene also helps minimize the number of bacteria that can reside and multiply on appliances, metal braces, clear braces, and clear aligners, like Invisalign.

After active treatment is complete, retainers are used in order to prevent the natural tendency of teeth to revert to their original state. Fixed (bonded) retainers are suggested for teeth that are most prone to this unwanted movement.

Deciding to get Crooked Teeth Straightened

Our orthodontic practice takes the guess work out of financing and gives the benefit of receiving the latest orthodontic technology in braces for your family members. You might have searched for “invisible braces near me” to find us on Google and seen all of the doctors’ great reviews. Our team is proud to be part of the Temecula valley community and we’ve been treating families for over 30 years.

If you need more details about teeth straightening using clear braces or any other orthodontic appliance, contact the office of Burke & Redford Orthodontists at (951) 699-8011, or fill out the contact form on our website for a free consultation with Dr. Ryan Redford or Dr. Michael Burke today.

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