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Will You Need a Tooth Extraction Before Braces?

How Tooth Extraction Can Be Beneficial

On average, only 10% to 20% of all orthodontic patients will require tooth extractions. Patients who are advised to get an extraction should rest assured they will not feel any discomfort during this process. We refer our patients to highly qualified dentists or oral surgeons within our community.

Although the thought of tooth extraction may naturally bring about some negative feelings, patients understand the benefits of tooth removal (when it is advised in their case) and how it outweighs the disadvantages after talking through the treatment plan with our doctors.

For some patients, tooth extraction can make all the difference in creating a perfectly straight, healthy smile. For other patients, tooth extraction could have the opposite effect. Treatment plans should not be “cookie-cutter” and the decision for removal or non-removal of teeth should be made on a case-by-case basis.

Taking advantage of the complimentary orthodontic consultation offered by our practice before beginning treatment is valuable. It allows a board-certified and experienced orthodontist to accurately determine whether extractions would be beneficial or not.

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Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke provide all patients with accurate oral health information during their initial exam. They offer each patient all treatment options, including the best course of treatment, instead of simply telling patients only what they want to hear. Ethics and a code of conduct are an important part of how they do business and have for over 30 years in Riverside County.

Burke & Redford Orthodontists are proud to uphold honesty and professionalism, and patients can attest to the accuracy of this through their hundreds of 5-star reviews found online.

Dispelling the Fear-Driven Marketing Around Extractions

Total avoidance of tooth extractions is, unfortunately, a common approach to orthodontic care that is held among many practices and direct-to-consumer companies.

By avoiding all tooth extractions, profit-driven companies and practices hope to bring in more “unaware patients.” Some practices rely on the unfounded fear most people have about extractions to get more business.

While this may be their “marketing angle,” it can be a blatant disservice to their patients.

Disadvantages of Avoiding Necessary Tooth Extractions

Uninformed customers do not always realize that a tooth extraction may be in the best interest of their oral health and orthodontic treatment results.

Many companies and practices advocate for the use of the Damon braces system due to claims that it can straighten some smiles without the need for tooth extractions.

However, these doctors often fail to make their patients aware of the potential disadvantages of going ahead with treatment when a tooth extraction is warranted. The final treatment result may be far from what was possible, expected, or desired.

Listed below are some of the potential negative outcome’s patients may see in their completed smile if beneficial extractions are not done as part of the treatment plan.

  • Excessive protrusion or forward/outward tilt of teeth (“buck” teeth)
  • Impacted molars
  • Loss of bone or tissue within the mouth
  • A less stable smile over time
  • Residual crowding of teeth
  • Crooked smile or a bad bite
  • Recession of gums and loss of support around individual teeth

As you can see, while avoiding removal of teeth may always sound like a good thing, there are some cases where the upside of keeping all the teeth does not outweigh the potential downsides.

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Benefits of Removing Teeth When Needed

One of the primary advantages of removing teeth only when necessary is that one can feel confident their completed smile will remain beautiful and stable over time.

The following advantages should also be highlighted:

  • Allows ample room for all teeth to move and fit together seamlessly
  • Ability to move teeth for overbite or underbite correction
  • Can retract excessively protrusive teeth into a better position
  • Can prevent crowded teeth from becoming excessively tilted forwards
  • Gum tissue and bone surrounding the teeth are more likely to stay healthy and intact
  • Teeth are less prone to relapsing back to their original crooked position

When it is necessary, the pros of getting a tooth extracted far outweigh the cons.

Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed Before Treatment?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the teeth at the very back of the top and bottom parts of the mouth. Most people have four wisdom teeth but is not uncommon for one or more to be naturally missing.

If there is enough space for them to erupt into the mouth, they usually begin to break through the gums during the late teen to young adult years.

Most wisdom teeth remain completely impacted under the gums. Some will erupt only partially through the gums. Both situations can be risky to leave alone, often leading to abscesses, inflammation, cysts, or infections.

Furthermore, wisdom teeth can affect the health of the bone and soft tissue attachment on the back surface of the 12-year molars.

Because of these reasons, wisdom teeth may be recommended for removal by your dentist or orthodontist, usually around the late teen years.

Having wisdom teeth removed at the appropriate time can end up saving an enormous amount of time, effort, money, and trouble years down the road.

Our View of Teeth Extraction

At Burke & Redford Orthodontists, we view tooth extractions as a last resort effort. Our doctors do their absolute best to safely avoid having to extract teeth.

Dr. Redford and Dr. Burke will work with the patient as much as possible to explore alternatives to extraction before moving to an extraction-based plan.

However, if our doctors see it as imperative or beneficial to the patient’s overall oral hygiene and the final look of their smile at the end of treatment, they will advise the tooth or teeth be removed. Of course, it is ultimately up to the patient whether they wish to abide by this professional opinion.

No matter which the patient chooses, it would be unethical for our doctors to withhold their expert and professional recommendations.

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