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Parts of Braces

Understanding the Parts of Braces Good alignment and function of the teeth is a key component of overall oral health. Braces not only create a straighter smile but also contribute…

How Straight Teeth Improves Dental Health for Your Kids

Interceptive Orthodontics One of the best reasons for early orthodontic treatment is to identify and correct teeth and jaw issues before they progress into more serious conditions. By correcting the…

Underbite vs. Overbite

Understanding Malocclusions The word malocclusion is a Latin term meaning ‘bad bite.’ A ‘bite’ is the way teeth fit together. Problems with a person’s bite can cause many different issues,…

Three Stages of Orthodontic Treatment

What Are the Three Stages of Orthodontic Treatment? Regardless of the orthodontic issues that need to be addressed, all our patients go through three stages of orthodontic treatment. These three…

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